Thursday, July 8, 2021

The Beautiful Opryland Hotel

Country Guy and I went to Nashville last week to attend Kent Christmas' 4th of July Celebration.  While there we took in the Grand Ole Opry and stayed at the Opryland Hotel.  It was a really fun weekend!  We determined to go again soon.  If you've never stayed at the Hotel I highly recommend it!  Of course, it is rather expensive but we thought it was worth it because we felt as if we were in a resort on a tropical island.  It will definitely be one of our destinations this winter when we are longing for a bit of green.  Since Nashville is less than a 5 hour drive from our house it is easily doable for a weekend.

I thought I would share photos of this amazing hotel so you get an idea of why we loved it!  We actually had stopped in to see it a few years ago, but were only in one garden court and had no idea it was so huge!  There are 5 garden courts with a river (and riverboat) running through one of them.  There is also a western town built in one of the courtyards, a beautiful gazebo for weddings and a water attraction (Sound Waves) for an additional fee.  

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Juliet said...

Wow!! So beautiful. :) Glad y'all had fun!