Friday, January 28, 2022

Back from vacation

 We've just returned from a fun vacation in Florida.  While visiting Myakka River State Park with a friend we talked with a park ranger who told us about the Deep Hole.  He said it is a sink hole on the property that is estimated to be 130 feet deep where alligators congregate.  They haven't figured out why this place is so attractive to the gators but he highly recommended it if you could make the 2.2 mile walk.  The main drawback was that only 30 tickets were available each day on a first come/first served basis beginning at 8:00 a.m.  He said the tickets are usually gone by 10:00 so we didn't think there was a great rush to get one.  But a couple of days later on our last day in Florida, Country Guy and I arrived a little before 8:00 to stand in line.  The tickets went fast that day and while waiting our turn to register we began to be concerned we weren't going to make it.  Fortunately, when we got to the desk the ranger said there were 5 tickets left.  Whew!!

The hike was a relatively easy walk on a flat dirt path with a few ruts.  It was totally worth the effort when we saw all those alligators!  If you are in Florida, I highly recommend a trip to see these amazing creatures!

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