Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Dr. Yeadon – WHY ARE SOME PEOPLE GETTING SIDE EFFECTS after covid vaccinations

Here is another wake up video with Dr. Michael Yeadon.  He has been sounding the alarm from the beginning of this "pandemic".  (You can fast forward through the first 12 minutes unless you have never heard of Dr. Yeadon and want to know his credentials.)

I'm getting very discouraged in talking with friends.  Many people refuse to look at the facts, or do any research, so they continue to blindly trust the government and mainstream media and therefore take the "vaccine" and even give it to their children.  If they would do their research (or listen to those of us who have) they would discover that young people are seldom seriously affected by Covid.  In the semblance of protecting their children they are in fact causing great harm to them.

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