Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Heavenly Man

     A few weeks ago Country Guy & I watched a podcast of Brother Yun speaking at Bethel Church.  We had not previously heard of him, but were amazed and inspired by his message of enduring --and the church prospering--during the persecution of Christians in China.  The stories he told of his imprisonment, miraculous escape, miracles that have happened in his ministry, and divine visitations were almost unbelievable.  They very much paralleled things that are described in the book of Acts.  But why should we be surprised?  Isn't that supposed to be normal Christianity?
      I was so intrigued by his testimony that I ordered his book, The Heavenly Man, from ABE books.  When I received it yesterday I couldn't resist beginning reading it.  His story is incredible!  As I discovered the difficulties of Christians in China and the amazing testimonies of them not denying the Lord Jesus even under the threat of death and imprisonment, I was ashamed of my shallow faith.  Will I stand up when persecution comes?  Am I willing to die for my belief?
      This book challenges much of Western Christianity's complacency and self-centeredness.  I highly recommend it.

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