Thursday, May 3, 2012

What An Awesome Youth Rally

     What an awesome youth rally we had at the Martinsville Fairgrounds last night!  We called the rally, Elevate Elevate since one of the purposes of the rally was to get youth excited about coming to Elevate 2012.  Nationally known bands, Kutless, For King & Country, and Josh Wilson will be presenting full concert sets at Elevate 2012 on July 7, at the Fairgrounds in Martinsville.  
      The Lord blessed us with perfect weather for Elevate Elevate! Over 150 enthusiastic, well-behaved kids from many churches in the area participated, with an additional 50+ adults attending.   We were very pleased with the turnout and participation!  Five kids--that we know of--gave their lives to the Lord!  Praise His Name!  The Willow Creek praise band did a wonderful job incorporating some of the songs from the bands we'll be hearing at Elevate 2012.  The kids seemed to be attentive to speaker's message since 5 responded when he gave the invitation to come to the Lord, and Keith Wallace led them through awesome team-building activities, causing everyone to leave excited and enthusiastic!

     Seeing the fruit certainly makes all the planning and preparation worthwhile!  It is always so amazing to me to observe the Body of Christ working together, each one using his or her gifts contributing to the whole process of furthering His Kingdom. 
      It seems there was so much enthusiasm generated that this may become an annual (semi-annual?) event.   Hopefully those attending with send us feedback on their experiences and suggestions for future events.
      Not only was the Rally a meaningful, fun experience for the kids but since several tickets, cds, and t-shirts were given away, and many more were purchased, we feel this was a great success in promoting Elevate 2012, too.  We expect to see "walking posters" as the kids wear their shirts leading up to the concert.
      Tickets for Elevate 2012 are being sold at Accents in Martinsville and Heaven Bound Bookstore in Marshall and at a location in Casey to soon to be announced.
       I hope to see you there.   

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