Thursday, May 24, 2012

Landscaping in Nebraska

       We have been in Nebraska this week helping our daughter and son-in-law landscape their new house so I haven't been able to keep up as well as I would like on my blog.
      Even though it was hard work we had lots of fun working together and the gardens are now beautiful!  Jess & Greg had gone to a nursery liquidation sale last weekend where they purchased many nice trees & shrubs at bargain prices.  I brought plants I had divided from my gardens with us, and then we also purchased a few more shrubs at Menard's--several were Knock Out roses--one of my favorite "filler" plants which add so much color throughout the season.  After tilling the soil we planted the trees, bushes and perennials, and then mulched it all.  Jess said it seemed like "Extreme Makeover" because we did so much in such a short time--3 days!
       Two of our Illinois grandchildren went with us to spend time with their Nebraska cousins so we had a very full car driving to their house.  (I'm so grateful for my minivan! What would I do without it?!)  The kids had a great time together and mostly entertained themselves while we worked.
       The only unpleasant thing about the week was the weather.  It was in the 90's with winds so strong we had difficulty keeping hold of the bags after we emptied the mulch!  The plants, too, were whipped around in the wind and looked pretty bedraggled so we watered them several times to compensate.
      When we left Nebraska this morning a cold front had moved in and the temperature had fallen to the 50's.  Rain was forecast but we were all disappointed that only a few sprinkles fell last night.  It is extremely dry.
      We got home this evening and even though it has been pleasant weather here this week, the forecast for tomorrow is in the upper 90's with high winds.  It seems we got home just in time to experience our Nebraska weather again!  UGH!  And we, too, very much need rain!

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