Thursday, July 12, 2012

Excerpt from Chuck Pierce's letter posted on Elijah List today

      This excerpt from a letter by Chuck Pierce was posted on Elijah List today.  Here is the link to the entire article:
       In the midst of the worst drought we have ever experienced in our part of the Midwest it is extremely encouraging.

A Time of Suddenlies!
On Sunday, July 1, the Spirit of the Lord began to stir during our Celebration Service. Both Barbara Wentroble and Keith Pierce began to prophecy regarding the suddenlies and new administration forming.
To those in the Midwest and Florida where there has been so much destruction recently, I sense the Spirit of God saying, "This is an hour where some suddenlies have come upon you that you did not expect. The suddenlies have brought some devastation. But I say this is an hour when I am going to suddenly appear in the midst of your devastation, and restore. I am suddenly going to appear in the midst of your destruction. I am going to cause a rebuilding process. I am going to loose an apostolic rebuilding. That which had been built on tradition and religious spirits, will no longer be part of you. I am going to rebuild. I am causing a blueprint from Heaven to come down. I am loosing the building plan for the future.
"Suddenly, I am going to show up. Suddenly, I am going to change some old religious minds. Suddenly, I am going to break the spirit of poverty off of you. You are going to arise and you are going to build that that I have built in Heaven. It is time that I shall cause it to manifest in the earth. Suddenly, you will see some things happen you did not expect!
"A new administration has formed this day. When the apostle goes first and the prophet follows and the teacher comes behind, there are miracles, signs and wonders in the house. Even right now, what you are warring for in Colorado, what you are warring for from the east, the west, from the north and the south is reconstructive miracles. Today is the day that the new administration has formed. Today is the day that the new order is occurring. Today is the day that the miraculous release is upon you."
Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries


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