Sunday, July 22, 2012

Life! Church Conference

      We just returned from a conference at The Life! Church in St. Peters, Missouri.  Ray Hughes, a musician who has written many songs, was the speaker.   It was an exciting and mind-expanding  conference.  The worship at Life! Church is like nothing we've ever experienced, but we loved it because it was totally in the flow of the Holy Spirit.  Life! Church pastor, Kingsley Walker, and James Nesbit of Prepare the Way Ministries, were totally of one accord in conducting the services as one enhanced the other to bring a flow to the meeting so that amazing things happened.  Only a few of the songs--maybe 2--that we sang on Friday night and all day Saturday were actually pre-composed songs.  The rest were spontaneous songs to the Lord with parts of the worship continuing only as instrumental.  It really was an amazing, indescribable experience, and one I long to be part of again.
    Ray Hughes is a humorous, good 'ole boy from Alabama-type speaker.   He has a great depth of knowledge, insight and revelation on the effects of sound and music in worship and the life-changing results that happen when we recognize we have a sound to contribute that is uniquely ours.
    I'm truly grateful we were able to participate in this life-changing, attitude-adjusting, mind-altering conference!  We couldn't decide which was the best part--participating in this extra-ordinary worship or learning about sound and the effects of music from Ray Hughes.  If you have the opportunity to visit Life! Church, or to hear Ray Hughes in person, I would highly recommend doing it.

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