Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fourth of July Celebrations bite the dust

      This is the first year I can remember that Fourth of July fireworks have been cancelled in almost all of the towns in the area.  It is so dry!  Some places had a few tenths of rain last night, but that was immediately soaked into the ground.  Temperatures in the  90's and 100's are forecast for the next 10 days with a 30% chance on rain only one of those days--Monday.
      We are very busy preparing for Elevate 2012, featuring Kutless, For King & Country, Josh Wilson, and Terrace Lake Worship.  The concert takes place Saturday beginning at 5:00 at the Martinsville Fairgrounds. (Gates to the infield open at 4:00).  The temperature is expected to be nearly 100, which we hope will not prevent people from attending.  The temps usually settle around 75 by 8:00, so hopefully concert goers will at least come for part of the evening.
      It will be extremely hot for all the workers who will be getting ready for the concert--setting up the stage, the tents, carrying tables and water, and all the other things that must be done during the day.  We would appreciate your prayers.
      You won't want to miss this concert if you live in the vicinity.  I am amazed our small community is able to host such well-known bands!  I have no doubt the concert will be well worth enduring such warm temperatures!

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