Wednesday, October 31, 2012

RJC Presents: "Perilous Times"

      The Bible says, "Blessed are those who bless Israel and cursed are those who curse them."  (Gen. 12:3; Numbers 24:9;)  Hmmm?  Let's see.... Which side do we want to be on??
      It seems that if President Obama is a Christian as he says, and some believe, he would be taking this word very seriously.  As the Word says, we are known by our fruit.  This is just one more example (possibly the most important one) of a long line of examples, in which Obama rejects Biblical principles.  (Homosexual marriage, abortion, gay rights, honoring Islam above Christianity, etc., etc.)
      Please do your homework.  Find those who exemplify righteousness and integrity and who love Israel, and VOTE for them.   I do not believe America can withstand another 4 years of this president.  If we do not stand with Israel God will withdraw His protection and favor.

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