Monday, April 8, 2013

Baby Rabbits

       Have you ever seen a rabbit's nest?  I was raking the flower garden in front of our house Saturday when I noticed fur on my rake.  That surprised me so I looked closer.  Since the leaves had been raked off I discovered what looked like a pile of fur.  As I gently pulled back the fur I discovered 9 baby rabbits in the fur lined nest.
      After counting the little guys I replaced the fur and topped it with leaves.  Since I had on my gardening gloves (see my fingers in the left had corner) I don't believe the mother caught my scent because I checked again yesterday and they were still alive.
     I must admit I have mixed reactions.  They are so cute--or at least they will be--but I really don't want 9 more rabbits eating my flowers!
         I decided to run out and check on them before I posted this. Of course, I took my camera.  They are growing so fast!  Look at the difference in less than 2 days!  Notice how their color is beginning to change to brown.  I piled the fur back over them and topped it off with leaves.  I'll let you know how they progress.

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