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Bob Jones: Two Witnesses: Truth vs. Heresy

True and False Witnesses
Bob was told there will be two witnesses to what God is going to do. These two will be the old and the young and they will both speak out the truth. Satan will also have two witnesses – the young and the old speaking and both will speak out heresy.
God's truth will be established with the true witnesses and satan will establish untruth or heresy by his false witnesses. The two true witnesses will be young children and the old (or those who are over fifty), who will both bring messages of truth.
Stock MarketSo don't discourage children when they speak, instead listen to them.
Their conscience is clean and they speak out of a pure unadulterated spirit.
Satan's Witnesses: Floods and Destructive Winds
Some of these truths will be established by demonstration of fire and water.
The things satan will be permitted to do will result in fire and water like floods, severe rain, mudslides, forest fires and extreme heat.
Satan will send floods in areas where he's permitted – if intercessors don't raise up against it. There will be many signs in the heavens and in the earth that the natural eye can see, like rain and wind.Satan's two witnesses will bring floods and destructive winds.

Everything that happens for good, satan will send a counterfeit. Destruction by the enemy can be stopped by intercession. The storm at sea that the Lord rebuked had demons behind it. These things can be stopped if we rebuke them. We can determine which way it's going to go.
John Crying Out in the Desert
The third chapter of Matthew's Gospel clearly describes the two witnesses. John is baptizing in the wilderness of Judea saying "repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!" John was the voice crying out in the wilderness preparing the way of the Lord.
People from Jerusalem, Judea and the region around Jordan came to the Jordan River confessing their sins and being water baptized by John. Here John gives evidence of the two witnesses. He calls the Pharisees and Sadducees a brood of vipers. They were inspired by satan to spread evil, deceit and heresy. Their intentions were to turn people away from the one true God while those being baptized by water into repentance bore witness to God.

Jesus' Witnesses: Baptisms of Water and Fire

Stock MarketThese are two witnesses: the baptisms of water and fire – the baptism of water unto repentance and the baptism of fire unto sanctification.
Water baptism is repentance from the old nature, and in the baptism of fire God removes everything from us that is not of Him. All of our self-centered desires are surrendered unto Him.

Jesus defends His self-witness while speaking to the Pharisees when He said, "I am One who bears witness of Myself, and the Father who sent Me bears witness of Me" (John 8:18).Likewise, the two true witnesses (both old and young) bear witness of the baptism of water and fire bringing forth a message of truth. Their words will be in one accord with the Father to establish His truth in the earth.
Jesus said, "It is also written in your law that the testimony of two men is true" (John 8:17). In the same way Jesus, as an earthbound man, bore testimony of the Father in Heaven; so will the old and young earthbound witnesses bear testimony of the Truth establishing "on earth as it is in Heaven."
Soul and Spirit
God is raising up a company of Elisha's, both young and old, who bear witness to the Cross of Jesus Christ. They are led by the Spirit of Truth and carry the message of repentance unto salvation and the baptism of fire.
Baptism of water is death of the old man while the baptism of fire burns away every ungodly thought and desire of the flesh. Then the body, soul and spirit are in complete unity with the Father.
Right now satan is bearing witness of immorality and mockery. There's a strong spirit of mockery coming out now and it hardens the heart where man cannot find Christ.
Yet we know that Jesus was the Word that bore witness; the Word was with Him (John 1:14). Christ was also two witnesses because the witness is in the Word and the witness was in Him. We are both soul and spirit. And now our soul must first agree with our spirit for us to get saved. It is a commandment that we get water baptized. Then our spirit man will reign over us. These two bear witness that Christ has come in the flesh.
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