Thursday, April 11, 2013

Making Mistakes

       I can't believe how easy it is to mess something up! And how long it takes to clean up the mess!  This morning as I looked at my blog I decided to take the Journaling tab off the Pages bar.  When I clicked "delete" the whole bar disappeared!  I was beginning to despair.  It has taken me from the beginning of this blog to create those tabs and I continually add to them.  And they seemed to all disappear with one little click!  If any of you were reading the blog when that happened, sorry.
       I desperately searched around in the template and found Pages.  When I clicked on the word th information was still there even though it didn't appear on the blog.  I eventually discovered what I needed to do to make them visible again.
       Praise the Lord!
       Needless to say, I have now made a back-up copy of the info contained in each.  And after all this trouble I've decided to leave the Journaling tab on.  At least the process wasn't a total waste.  The copies will come in handy in case I make a silly mistake again.

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