Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bad News for the Bunnies

         I needn't have worried about having nine more rabbits in my garden because when I went out to pull weeds this morning I discovered the rabbit nest uncovered and empty with two dead babies lying beside it.  They were getting almost big enough for their eyes to open.  I really was looking forward to watching those cute little guys grow up.
       I suppose an owl got them.  Since they're so close to the house it surely wasn't a coyote.  We do have stray cats show up sometimes though so it could have been one of several different animals.  As we know they're part of the food chain.  If all the rabbits born lived to a ripe old age, we would be over run!
       I took this picture yesterday afternoon, but decided to wait and take another today since I thought the change in them would be even more obvious.  Since this is the last one, I might as well post it.

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