Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blog Display

      Is my blog displaying right on your computer?  Yesterday, all of a sudden, all the side column info lined up under the posts in my display so that now I have to scroll to the very bottom of the screen to see them!  I looked at Blogger Help which says the cause of this is usually posting something that is too wide, but nothing appears to be too wide to me.  I removed the post from yesterday for awhile to see if that was the problem but the format did not revert back to the original so I reposted yesterday's article.  Blogger Help also says that often this problem doesn't appear that way on other computers even though it looks as if it would.  I thought maybe it was a Google problem and was hoping it would be resolved this morning.  But that hasn't happened.
      So I'm wondering if you are seeing it as I am?
      This is so frustrating!!  I've sent an email to the Help people but have not heard anything back yet..  I've looked at the HTML code for the blog--which I barely understand--but can see that it is written to have columns on the left and right.  So why are they not displaying that way?  And what can I do to get them to?  If there is anyone reading my blog who has any suggestions, I would certainly like to hear them.

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Country Girl said...

FYI: I posted a question on the Blogger forum of how to fix the display and received this answer from Kobusni. "There's a styling error in your post
revert this post to draft, switch a couple of times between HTML and Compose. Save and publish your post again.
Most of the time this is sufficient to solve the error."

It worked! Thanks so much Kobusni!! I could never have figured it out!