Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Love Our Heritage Days Committee Members!

     Yesterday afternoon we had our last planning meeting before the Heritage Days Festival this weekend in Martinsville.  It was a wonderful meeting!  I am so impressed by the committee members!  They are so enthusiastic and so willing to work--and they love the Lord and want to honor Him!  Our meeting ended with prayer for the festival and for committee members.   One of our members is having a heart cath this morning at 11:00 so I ask you to pray for him.  Another's grandson is meeting with a heart specialist today to see what can be done about a birth defect--he's 24.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors (or a new heart!)  One in our group ended up in the emergency room the day before and 3 (including me) have colds.  I believe the devil sees that God is up to something big through the Festival.  Great things are about to happen!  We are already able to say "What the devil meant for evil God meant for good!" because our meeting turned into a time of prayer.
      I am in awe and stand amazed at how everyone on the committee used their gifts to contribute to the whole program!  Each one was needed and valuable.  I can't help thinking of Paul's example in Corinthians about how the body (of Christ) is to work together.  We don't need a whole body of eyes, or mouths, or hands, or feet!  We need the right amount of each--each one doing what he/she was created to do.
      I am grateful to have been part of a group that functioned that way.  There was no competition or envy about each other's gifts.  A wonderful experience!

       I've posted the Saturday schedule for the Festival below so you can see how much work has gone into it and what fun & educational opportunities will be going on in downtown Martinsville.  If you live nearby, you won't want to miss this interesting festival!

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