Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bill Yount: Americal Must Be Saved!

Posted: 26 Oct 2013 01:25 PM PDT
    Repentance is the most beautiful of words. Repentance should not scare us. It is a gift from God. If we really understood it we would make it a way of life. It is turning from our sins to a Father who longs to forgive us. Last night I repented of some things. This morning I learned His grace, as well as His mercy, is new every morning. It is when I least deserve both that I have to ask: "Why me Lord? What have I ever done to deserve even one of the pleasures I've known? Tell me Lord, What did I ever do that was worth loving you for the kindness you've shown?" ( lyrics by Kris Kristofferson ) As grace poured over me, the Lord said: "When America least deserves it, I will show her My grace. I am releasing My gift of repentance. It will flood the altars of churches again. It will flood the streets. It will flood the righteous who think they are more righteous than others. Watch for My flood of repentance!"
    Many years ago I ministered in Africa. A rural song there that became a spiritual national anthem for believers was, "Africa Must Be Saved! The words are: "If you believe and I believe and we together pray, the Holy Spirit must come down and Africa must be saved!" Since 1987 God's fire has swept an estimated 75 million Africans into the Kingdom. I wonder what God could do if we changed our tune and began singing over our nation: "America Must Be Saved!"

Bill Yount

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