Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Word through Eileen Fisher

     This was posted on Elijah List this morning.  John, Chapter 1, tells us that Jesus is the Word made flesh. We have only begun to understand the power of God's Word and what Jesus provided through the Cross.  This provision is a free gift, but like any other gift we have to recognize it, accept it and use it.

The following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on August 27, 2013 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

I hear the Lord saying, "Let Me wrap you into the new robes of righteousness. Allow Me to place upon you My robes of righteousness. For was it not spoken, 'He has risen, indeed'?

"I say, let every part that needs to rise up be presented to Me. Let My Word come and press healing into whatever you need; send forth my Word. Establish My Word. Use My Word as a sword.

"Take My Word; place it upon your body. Know that it is alive and active, for it is Me; the Word became flesh and dwelt among you.

"Let My Word be active. Let My Word prepare your body to be sanctified, touched, healed, and made whole. Let My Word cut away. 
Let My Word replace. Let My Word repair. Let My Word renew. Let My Word speak life where death was presented. Let My Word activate that which has quit being activated.

"Let My Word go forth. Stay; dictate My Word. Declare My Word. Let My Word bear fruit over you.
Use My Word as a sword

"Place your body under My Word. Let My Word reign in every cell of your body. Let My Word come and consume every organ in your body. 
Let My Word come and devour you in this temple, so that My Word will reign.

"Let My Word reign upon you, as you learn to reign in the power and the authority of My Word,"says the Lord your God.
Eileen Fisher
Eileen Fisher Ministries


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