Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Two Exciting Days

The past two days have been very busy and exciting for me!!

      Yesterday we had the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Linn Park Amphitheater.  (See article in the JG-TC news here.)  We have waited a long time for this! Reporters from the Casey, Marshall and Charleston newspapers were there so check their websites to read all about it.  Many people turned out to help us celebrate on a beautiful crisp fall day.  We are hoping to begin construction in the next couple of weeks.  It all depends on when the architectural drawings will be completed.  We have been waiting for months for them!  As soon as we get the completed set along with the topography drawings we can begin.
      Here is the groundbreaking crew, including several members from the Festivals & Events committee and representatives from other organizations in the City:

       Today was a really fun day.  Something special happened (and I got to watch) related to our World's Largest Horseshoe.  This has been in the works for a few weeks and has had to be kept secret.  Be sure to check out the Fruit of the Loom website on November 5th to see what it was. 

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