Saturday, October 5, 2013

Martinsville Moves

     Martinsville on the Move has decided to sponsor a free weekly email newsletter, which we're calling "Martinsville Moves" to keep folks infomed about what's happening in our town.  It is difficult to get the word out about events since we don't have a newspaper.  The Public Library puts out a bi-monthly newsletter that has lots of news in it, but we needed something that came out more frequently so more people would know about all the fundraisers, events, etc.
     We established an email address,, from which to send the letters and to receive news to print in the newsletter.  I volunteered to coordinate the letter.  We expect it to be short--probably not more than one page, but definitely no more than two, depending on the news shared by others. In fact, we see it more as a Community Calendar, so all contributions must be brief.
      If any of you reading this from the Martinsville area, or with roots in Martinsville, or you're just curious about what goes on in a little rural community, would like to subscribe, send an email with "subscribe" in the Subject line of the email to the above address and we will be glad to put you on our mailing list. (You can unscribe using the same method anytime you wish.)  Also, any contribution of news of events would be extremely helpful.  Send the information to the above email address and we will try our best to make room for it
     I sent the first letter Thursday.  It was a major undertaking because I wasn't sure what format to use for the newsletter.  (I compose in Pages on a Mac but then have to export it to a different type of file so it can be read by Windows users.)  I first chose Word because I thought most Windows users would have a Word program but I could not get the file to reduce to less than 300 kb.  I also discovered Gmail would not let me send to all the email addresses in one email (after trying it) so after I had divided the lists, I began sending them.  After the first 4 were sent the computer locked up.  I let it run all night hoping it would eventually send the rest of the lists.  It didn't!  :o)  So I had to delete them, find a new file format for the attachment, reduce it as small as possible, and re-send the lists one at a time.  With advise from a friend we concluded a PDF file would be best.  These seemed to go through immediately, but after they were all sent my computer would not let me send any more emails for most of the rest of the day!!  So frustrating!!  I don't know what that was all about!  All of this was happened right during/after I was trying to find out why we were having intermitent internet coverage.  I finally discovered (after hours of phone calls) that we needed a new modem from our provider.  I think now all is well--at least I hope so--and expect to seamlessly send next week's newsletters on Thursday morning.
     I have received many enthusiastic comments, so I think it will all be worth the beginning frustration.  We have all been looking for a way to connect and this seems to be one way that will help.

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