Monday, November 4, 2013

Would you help our family?

     Littlejohn Grain has applied for a Small Business Grant through Chase Bank that was recommended to us by Giselle Hamm from the MAPPING project which Martinsville participated in a couple of years ago.  They are awarding $3,000,000 to 12 small business ($250,000 each).  If awarded the Grant Littlejohns are planning to use the funds to build an educational center on their property where they can hold meetings with farmers, host seminars, invite outside speakers and provide resources not readily available in the community.  The facility could also be used by others in the community as an additional meeting room.  
    Since the Grant is only awarded to 12 small businesses in the entire U.S. we know the chances of winning are very small, but we would at least like to make it to the next level which happens only if we get 250 votes on the Grant website by November 15.
     To vote you must have a Facebook page and can only vote once for each business. (You can vote for as many businesses as you want.)  We would be very grateful if you would vote for us.  If you are already logged on to your Facebook account it only takes about 30 seconds to vote but would help us tremendously.   Would you also ask your friends & family to help us, too?  I am amazed how difficult it is to get 250 votes!  When I last checked we had 132!
    We believe this building would be a great asset to our community because we have so few meeting places in our small town.  Your vote will make a difference in whether we will be considered or not and could therefore make a difference for the people who live here.   Below is the info on how to vote:

Click on this link:, or enter it into your browser.  In the middle of the home page, enter Martinsville's zip code (62442) or "Littlejohn Grain" in the box next to the words: "vote for your favorite business."  If you entered the zip code, click on Littlejohn Grain.  You will see a prompt asking you to connect to your Facebook account.  Once logged on to Facebook you can place your vote.

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