Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Love Does by Bob Goff

      Our daughter-in-law, Amy, gave me a new book for Christmas entitled, Love Does by Bob Goff.  I highly recommend it!
     Bob Goff is one of those people that you wish you knew--or better yet--that you wish you were like.  He steps out boldly into situations where he could fail, or look foolish, but instead he enjoys the process and uses the situation to have fun, and to bring others into the fun with him.  Through it all he learns and imparts life lessons.  He is so creative in his approach to living! To him life is a great adventure.  That's the way I want to live!  Don't you?
     Just reading stories of his adventures makes me want to approach life much more adventurously.  Why am I so timid?  Why do I miss opportunities to really live life with abandon?  Instead, I get bogged down in the dailiness of life?  Why not turn the dailyness into an epiphany?  Why do I hesitate to step out boldly with love & joy and experience all that God is offering?  The story of his adventures makes me not want to miss any opportunity to live and to love!
    I believe this will be my New Year's Resolution for 2014--to REALLY LIVE and to REALLY LOVE!

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