Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Greatest Concern by Stephan Nash

      This was posted on Mychal Massie's The Daily Rant last week.  It is written by Stephen Nash.  If only we would listen to those who are crying out in the wilderness.  Prepare ye the way of the Lord.  His way is the only way whether we believe it or not.

My Greatest Concern

Living in an age where I have witnessed the greatest decline in American history, I have tremendous concern for the future of my children and my country.  I have no idea what my children and grandchildren will be facing in just 5 or 10 years from now.  I don’t have the assurance that the United States will be the world’s only super power or that we will even have the same government whose foundation is our built upon a tremendous Constitution.
Will we become part of a one world order before 2020?  If so, will we enjoy some of the same freedoms that we have held dear to our hearts?  Will government, whether the American government or some other world government, demand to be our god that demands our allegiance and worship?  Will some of our human rights, i.e. to bear arms, free speech, religious liberties and to teach our children what we feel is true, be something of the past?
You have concerns as well.  I read about them when you comment on some of my articles.  We ought to be concerned as we witness a dangerous, rapid shift in our society.  These concerns keep us awake at night and we think about them all day long, unlike the masses who have little regard or knowledge about the uncertain days in which we live.  Some like it that way.  They unknowingly feel that “ignorance is bliss” as they go about their daily business.  Unfortunately, someday in the near future, these ignorant people will suddenly be awakened to find that they have become subjects of the state that allows them few liberties at all.  The standard of living they experience will be worse than that of the Soviet Union just before its fall.
Overshadowing all of my concerns about tomorrow is the awareness that we, as a free people, are forgetting our God who gave us those freedoms.  When the Israelites forgot the true God, He turned them over to their reprobate hearts to serve other gods.  The result was disastrous!  The nation that witnessed wonderful miracles from the God who preserved them, suddenly became enslaved to other nations and their heathen gods.  After all, the Old Testament does say that, “Any nation that forgets God shall be turned into hell!”
A “god” is an entity that is worshipped, depended upon and trusted by its people.  The God of the Bible is no different.  He is the Creator and Sustainer of all life and demands our worship, love and loyalty.  Tragically, we have wandered from our God and He will be sure to do something about it.
We, as a nation, have steadily removed God from all institutions of our society.  Our children cannot speak about God in the public school.  Our “legislative” courts have aligned with the atheists to exclude God from the public square.  Small towns across America are terrified that they will be sued if they allow the children to sing Christmas hymns or erect a manger on their village green.  We are forced to pay for abortions, sex changes and other debauchery that conflict with our biblical convictions through Obamacare.  Other false religions are given preference over those denominations that worship the true God.
My greatest concern is what I read in 2 Thess. 2:11-12: “And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”  I have certainty of a better world where God reigns and where I shall spend eternity, but that won’t be the case for those who have ignored Him all their life.  Their god will have become the government that has enslaved them.  The Apostle Paul warns us that “we will become slaves to whatever or whoever we serve.”
My greatest concern is what I read in Rom. 1:21: “…they knew God but did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts and their foolish hearts were darkened.”  I have certainty of a better world because many years ago I surrendered my heart to the lordship of Jesus Christ, who transformed my entire life and that of my family.  I was once one of the “foolish,” whose heart was darkened as I spoke against the worship of the true God.  I was an atheist who was deceived by my own rebelliousness against God.  When my life began to fall apart I cried out to the God I vehemently rejected and He saved me from the guttermost to the uttermost, and for that reason I serve Him to this day!
My greatest concern is that I see my nation casting off any restraints placed upon any good society.  We feel we know better than God.  We have been deceived by the wicked one who leads our country’s influential around by the nose and they don’t even realize it!  “Thinking themselves wise, they have become fools.”  For this reason, their foolishness must be exposed.  To expose their lies we must be diligent to speak the truth in love and never back down.  We must get on the offensive in this battle for America lest we lose everything but our souls. 

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