Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Vision - A Whirlwind Released from the 3rd Heaven, by Chuck Pierce

Vision – A Whirlwind Released from the 3rd Heaven on December 11, 2013
(From Marty Cassady, Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, Janice Swinney, Dee Dee Roberts, and Elaine Priestly):
I just saw a whirlwind released from the 3rd Heaven – the highest Heaven where God is seated on the Throne. And that whirlwind is totally encircling the 2nd Heaven. I don't know what's going on, but during these 10 days something is breaking!

The Lord is releasing a whirlwind over Washington, DC. It is a day of turning; things are turning, thrones are turning over, and power is shifting. Things are shifting in Washington DC. The King is going to be enthroned! And over Rockefeller Square in New York, we say a whole new re-alignment of the structure of economy in this land is now turning. I Am, and what is been held up now and held back will start being given over. Lord, we decree it today!

There's a new news to report; there will be new news to report. They'll be a shift in the media it will be right to say that God is God and every man a liar. God will be true and every man a liar! And I saw that same swirling over Mayo Clinics and over Johns Hopkins Universities, and over the major hospitals and the learning medical institutions in this Nation.

God says, "My whirlwind is being seen over them and there will come a new rule of righteousness in medical study; in experiment into the healing industry in this land. My healing will rule and will reign in those structures!"
And all of those ruling forces over that Obamacare and that insurance structure that's stopping I AM, Jehovah Raphe, from rising up in this land, we say today there's a new breakthrough! You'll begin to see that whirlwind taking out your enemy!

There's a catching up over Kansas; a catching up over Kansas. And the Spirit of God is going to rise out of Kansas and in other places, in DC., and will say what is necessary to be said this hour. We loose revelation, we loose words that produce whirlwinds and we declare they are being re-deposited over the Federal Reserve System. We say let Your whirlwind of words begin to come down and deposit revelation where it should be.

"For I am your spin doctor! I am spinning today over the regions of this earth that need to be corrected. I am blowing away, by My Spirit, those things that have held you captive and I am establishing My Spiritual government over those things that need healing and need release! ...Jump into the grace of this spinning force and go with Me and land at a new place!
"I am bringing a shaking underneath the mountains and I am causing it to fall. I am breaking and shaking underneath those mountains to turn up those things that have been hidden. Those things that need to be exposed, I Am exposing.

"For this is a time that I am beginning to cause My people to come up, and to come up and over; this is a time I'm calling you to come up and over. And those things that have stopped you, those things that have kept you back, I'm shaking them off of you. I'm causing them to shake underneath your feet. I'm causing you to step right through, so you begin to see a vision of what I'm doing, because I'm breaking those old molds off of you.

"I'm breaking those old impressions off of you; I'm removing that old thing you need to shake off. You need to let it go because I'm putting you to the top of the mountain. Some of you are rising, some of you are coming up, some of you are moving into a new realm. There's new dimensions to begin to see, and I'm causing you to see, break open and begin to see through those dimensions. Let Me restore, let Me renew, let Me bring forth a new value in you!"
The Next 10 Days Are Critical!
"Over the next 10 days I will call you to a certain night watch that will uncover that which has kept you from taking ground in past seasons. When I call you in that one hour, stand before Me, sit before Me, lay before Me and watch Me give you strategies that will uncover ground that has been held back and release supply that could not be released."

I see the Lord lifting depression, that thing which has held you down during this season. Instead of saying, "I despise this time of season," He is saying, "Like Mary, let it be unto Me, because the angel of the living God will come and He will overshadow you." And even now as this word is being released He's overshadowing you and the depression is breaking and you'll no longer be depressed but you'll be exalted by the very Presence of the living God!

We ask for an overshadowing of Your glory realm that breaks oppression, depression, and how we have been laid out and suffered in the last season.

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