Monday, March 17, 2014

Concealed Carry Class

      This past weekend I did a most unusual thing--at least for me.  I took a Concealed Carry Class.   Our sons and Country Guy had planned to take this class and asked me to, also.  I knew it would be good for me to at least know how a gun operates, but I had absolutely no desire to do it.  In fact, I had a major fear of guns and therefore stayed as far away from them as possible.  Since I had never even shot a gun before I signed up this was a major stretch for me. (The weekend before the class I shot about 10 rounds so I would know what it felt like when a gun went off.)
     The class was 16 hours of mandated-by-the-State of Illinois-instruction from a certified trainer which had to be completed before you could apply for a concealed carry license, so it lasted 2 full days!  I had no desire to carry a gun, but knew that if I took the class I would be forced to learn much about them.  As the time approached, I began to dread it more and more.  Many times I considered backing out, but kept reminding myself it would be good to at least learn about guns even if I didn't want to carry one.  Even after beginning the class on Saturday I was tempted to quit.  It took much help from the Lord to continue.  I prayed much about attending this class and about continuing, and I knew a friend was praying, also.
     I am so glad I didn't give up.  I learned much about guns and how to handle them safely which helped to conquer my fear of them. I learned how to take them apart for cleaning.  I learned how to be certain they were empty but to always treat them as if they were loaded.  I learned about mental preparedness in situations that are becoming much more common in today's world.  I gained a new perspective and respect for our county sheriff and his department--the class was taught by the sheriff and one of his assistants (who were excellent instructors).  And I learned to shoot a target with considerable accuracy at 5, 7 and 10 yards with a handgun.
     In fact, a miracle happened.  I had one of the highest shooting scores in the class.  I praise God who answered our prayers and used my weakness to show His strength.  Praise His wonderful Name!!  Thank you, Jesus!
     If you live in our area and are interested in this class, contact Masters At Arms Weapons Training.  They have a Facebook page where you can find more info, if you are interested.  I highly recommend this class to everyone because you will learn much about protecting yourself and your family not only with a gun, but by being mentally alert and prepared for threatening situations.
      And now I'm in the process of applying for the Concealed Carry License.  As I said--a miracle happened!

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