Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Weather and Millky Way

       We are getting a little discouraged about the weather around here--as I'm sure many are throughout the country!  Yesterday it was a beautiful sunny 45 degrees which had our hearts turning towards spring.  Today it is 16 degrees with sleeting/snowing/freezing rain that's forecast to continue all day with possible accumulations of 4-6 inches.  UGH!
       Our cat, Milky Way, decided yesterday would be a good day to have her kittens.  With such a balmy day, I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time (did she have a choice?)  Fortunately, she had them in the little house Country Guy had made for her instead of out in the woods somewhere because I doubt they would have survived this awful weather.  I was planning to attach a picture but it is too cold to lift the roof off the box to snap the picture. If cats can experience gratitude she surely is grateful today to have a warm, dry home for her babies!
       I have to admit I have been struggling with the scripture "in everything give thanks" this year.  What a good year to practice!!

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