Monday, May 19, 2014

Hope in a Crumbling World by Stephen Nash

This excellent article by Pastor Stephen Nash was posted on Mychal Massie's Daily Rant on May 15.  You can read the article online here.

Hope in a Crumbling World

Stay with me on this one. I was having lunch with three friends yesterday and I offered a statement that I wouldn’t have made just a year or two ago. I said I believed we have lost the culture war in America. It is a horrible thing to admit defeat in any battle let alone the fight for the future of a once great Christian-based society. Let me offer a few important fronts on which we have been defeated:
  • Moral perversion – almost every day we read about the homosexual agenda gaining ground especially on the subject of gay marriage. If one opposes such depravity (as God does) they are thought to be intolerant bigots who simply haven’t evolved in their understanding of civil rights for all.
  • Legalization or decriminalization of drugs – with the spreading legalization of marijuana we are producing a generation who are checking out when it comes to the awareness of the seriousness of societal breakdown. I know; I was one of them. I smoked that stuff for seven solid years when I was young and simply didn’t care about anything else. My alertness, ambition and drive were dormant.
  • Idol worship – most of today’s young people have no idea who the national and world leaders are but they can quickly recall the leaders on the “Voice” or “American Idol.” They choose sports figures, models, actors, pop singers, etc. to influence them above anyone else. They are the philosophers of facebook.
  • Political Correctness – this modern thinking has done more to destroy this country than any other thought in our country’s history. The progressive socialist actually determines what we ought to think about morality, politics, law, social responsibility, language, the arts and many other important issues in today’s world. Education, the courts, politics and even the Church have become duped by their delusion.
  • Islam – this is probably the most dangerous influence in the world today. Radical Islam continues to kill, torture, enslave and terrorize people all over the world. What is worse is that the politically correct infected brains who are to hold them responsible for their slaughter are instead giving them a pass.
  • Decline of Christianity – the Church has been in decline for over two decades. Attendance is down and our influence is faltering. It has been reported that 1% of the millennials (18-25) are faithfully attending church. The church has lost it influence in politics, education, law and science. We have lost our savor and dimmed our light.
  • The Family – the attempt to redefine the family, the growing non-traditional make-up of society’s greatest institution and the moral breakdown of the marriage bed have produced a very angry generation or children. Jesus said that in the last days family members will turn on each other. We read about this result in the news every day.
  • Entitlement Mentality – we are turning into a nation of sponges who expect the government to supply all our needs; partly due to the fact that government keeps promising handouts. The work ethic that made this country great is almost non-existent. The gravy train will eventually run out and the masses will revolt.
  • Corruption – I don’t believe I have ever witnessed such corruption in government in my entire lifetime. Corruption in the White House, the DOJ, Congress, IRS, State Department, state houses, court houses and even the military. What is worse is that no one seems to be held accountable!
  • Education – I was handed a copy of Common Core’s curriculum a couple of weeks ago and found the 2nd grade “sex education” books to be pornographic with sketches of genitals and positions of sexual encounter. When the government attempts to control the education of our children, what do we expect?
  • Economics – Many of today’s top economists believe we are rapidly approaching a collapse that will eclipse 2008. China and Russia are maneuvering to topple the dollar as the world’s currency. China will become the world’s number one economy within a year! The borrower (the U.S.) will become a slave to the lender (China). This shift in economic power will eventually cause a shift in political and military power as well.
I asked you to stay with me and hopefully you have. You may be thinking at this time; what hope is there, or “does anyone have a .38 cal.?”
The only hope I see is found on the knees. A spiritual awakening will transform a society quicker than any other happening. The problem with this thought is that today’s church doesn’t have time to stop and seek the Lord’s intervention. We are the most hurried, flurried, worried and blurry-eyed people in American history. Therefore, we must be brought to our knees since we will not willingly go there ourselves. The crumbling world in which we live will drive us to a prostrate position. That is where the answer is found and that is where the intervention of God will be realized.

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