Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Martinsville Agricultural Fair

     The Martinsville Agricultural Fair is happening this week.  Last night was the Auto Thrill Show.  This used to be a popular event when I was a kid, but until last year, I hadn't seen one in many years.  It seems most of the drivers in this Thrill Show had been doing this for decades!  I can't imagine!  To me one of the most impressive stunts was the driver who drove his truck around the entire race track on 2 wheels, driver's side up!  That was amazing! He even drove between a ramp parked along the side of the track and two cars that were wrecked in an earlier stunt.  He did all this one handed as he used the other hand/arm to keep his body at the top of the truck (on the driver's side). Here are some  pictures I took with my phone:
Coming round the bend on the home stretch
Driving between the ramp and the wreck

Almost to the starting point--a complete circle of the track!

The Fair negotiated a contract with the carnival a few years ago to charge a single gate admission every night and then all rides are free, so for $6 you can ride every ride as many times as you want.  The carnival brought a new ride this year that has everyone amazed!  I'm sure I would have tried it when I was young, but absolutely not now!   Watch this short video to see what I mean!

Of course, no fair would be complete without food.  We have tried several food stands so far.  Our favorite is the homemade ice cream but we are also tempted by the little donuts, elephant ears, nutty bars,  corn dogs (Pronto Pups for all you oldies from IL), pork burgers, funnel cakes, Roger's French fries, lemonade shake-ups, etc. etc.

The Fair continues through Saturday night and culminates in an awesome fireworks display so if you live anywhere near you won't want to miss it.

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