Friday, July 11, 2014


I like this little thought.  Of course, I know only God can hug me this well, but I also know He uses people along the way to help out.  Unfortunately, so does the devil.  It seems sometimes that just when I think the broken pieces are beginning to stick together, the devil sends someone to shatter them again. :o)  Maybe God allows that to let me know the process isn't finished yet and that I still need His help.


Laura said...

Nice thought, enemy is persistent but nothing can shatter you so badly that it can not be mended together by heavenly father.

Country Girl said...

I agree, Laura. We only need to ask Him and then give Him time to put the pieces back together in the right order. :o)

Ma said...

The Lord has moved more in my brokenness than any other time. His grace is always made perfect in our pieces and in our distress. Give thanks in all things as you wait upon Him. A stained glass window is pieced together and all the more beautiful.