Saturday, July 26, 2014

Quote from an article by Kent Simpson

This is an excerpt from an article entitled "What Is Your Rank In God's Army?" by Kent Simpson.  I believe it is the truth.
Regardless of reputation, regardless of what others may say or think of you, God is going to put you in a place where you will come face to face with the devil. The word of the devil may come from an in-law, a close friend, or somebody at work, but be reassured that God will put you in a place of decision. Will you pronounce Jesus as your Savior? Will you confess Jesus as your Lord? Will you go to war for His Church? Are you willing to love your enemies, turn the other cheek when you are abused, minister in the nine fruits of the Spirit, lay down your life for a stranger? If you can use these weapons to fight and never be angry, hateful, or condemning you will witness the power of the Holy Spirit and see His angels do miracles before your own eyes. 

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