Monday, September 15, 2014

Another Update on Mom

       For those of you who have been praying for our family, and particularly for my mom, I thought I would let you know how well she is doing.
      Mom decided to do the training for the peritoneal dialysis last week with much trepidation.  She went to the clinic M-Th and then the trainer came to her house on Friday to get her set up and accustomed to doing the procedure at home.  We helped her over the weekend, but today she did all of her dialysis by herself.  Amazing that she could learn to do it and feel comfortable about doing so, so quickly!
     She is also feeling much better.   She even went to lunch today with her sister and a niece.  We were told peritoneal dialysis is so much gentler on a person's system.  Obviously this is so because Mom had been exhausted ever since she began the hemodialysis but is quickly regaining strength now that she is off it.  It seems she made the right decision in choosing to go with the peritoneal.
     Thanks for praying and for your emails relating experiences of people you knew who had tried both kinds of dialysis.  We very much appreciate your help.

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