Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mychal Massie Tells It Like It Is--As Usual

Political Correctness and Islam

We live in a day and time when the truth is not tolerated. Half-truths and situational explanations are accepted but they are by definition lies; and yet they are embraced and expounded as if they were revelations given by secular metaphysicians of unparalleled understanding. And there is no greater example of same than “political correctness”.
Political correctness, as I wrote many years ago, is at its core an unmitigated lie and the people who engage in same are either liars, fools, or both. And there is no better example of both than the politically correct who are trying to convince us that it’s not Islam that is bad, it’s just a few bad Mohammedans within Islam who are bad. You know, the old “rotten apple” syndrome.
Islam is not a pastoral religion that practices peace, love, and happiness. It is a cult like following that preaches hate, strife, intolerance, and conquest. It preaches that it is okay to deceive and lie to those who are infidels and dogs, i.e., anyone who is not a Muslim. It preaches the strictest form of legalism and demands the most pagan forms of punishments for even perceived violations of their religious dogma.
Yet despite mountains of readily available evidence that is beyond refutation, the politically correct deny the obvious and choose instead to attack those such as myself who are warning America that Islam is a threat and its adherents are a threat to us.
From its beginning, history is is replete with testimony to the dirge that is Islam. But revisionists and the politically correct refuse to present the accurate depiction of Islam. Instead, they counter the truth with references such as “all religions have a history of violence” or they say idiotic things such as “Christians are just as bad,” blah-blah-blah. They curse and call persons such as myself names that aren’t found in the lexicons of drunken sailors because we are willing to say the truth.
Alton Nolen wasn’t preaching extremism, violence, and beheadings until he changed his name to Jah’Keem Yisrael and converted to Islam. Americans who are converting to Islam aren’t going about preaching religious hatred and death in the name of allah until they convert to Islam. Muslims, however, are inculcated with legalistic hatred and contempt as a culture. But the media and those steeped in political correctness refuse even to acknowledge that Yisrael in fact committed the beheadings. They choose to instead use his birth name of Nolen, juxtaposed to his Muslim name Yisrael, and reference him as the person “accused of beheading of a woman.”
I understand language and the proper utilization of same far better than most people, my peers included. I reject the idea of his being referred to as the “accused” which inherently carries with it the presumption of innocence. There is no presumption of his innocence. He beheaded a woman and was in the process of beheading another woman when he was shot.
The politically correct refused to even call it an act of terrorism, choosing instead to call the violent, religiously motivated beheadings an instance of “workplace violence,” thus attempting to reduce it to the level of an act perpetrated by a disgruntled employee who kills their boss. The difference is that an act of workplace violence is born out of anger; Yisrael’s actions were born out of his allegiance to Islam and allah.
No religious group is any more cloistered than the Amish, but in the rare instances when one of their adherents reject their religious tenets and marry a Catholic or Pentecostal, that person is shunned and disavowed from membership on every quantifiable level, but they aren’t hunted down and murdered. Such is not the case within Islam. Mennonites and Baptists are not preaching hatred and teaching that it is permissible to deceive, cheat, and kill those not practicing their faith and/or converting to other faiths. However the same cannot be said about Islam.
I warned in 2001 that beheadings were going to become commonplace on our soil. The same politically correct people who are attacking me today (along with their present day minions) called me vulgar names, and some going so far as to threaten me with physical harm. But I’ve been vindicated.
In 2002 John Lee Malvo and John Allen Muhammad became known as the “Beltway Snipers,” and ultimately held three states (Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.) hostage with fear as they took turns hiding in the trunk of their Oldsmobile randomly shooting and killing people. In all, they murdered 16 people in ten states and wounded nine.
The politically correct are deranged to the point of even savaging someone as versed in Islam as Brigitte Gabriel, as well as those who have converted out of Islam and who are warning America of the danger Islam presents.
People forget and/or chose to justify the anger and antipathy that Muhammed Ali preached and fomented against whites when he declared himself a minister of allah and refused to be inducted into military service. I do not support the government in attempting to deprive him of his right to make a living during his court case, but I unapologetically condemn the malcontent and animus he preached in the name of allah.
Perhaps it is instinct for some to believe it is right to extend hands of friendship to those who would harm us, but it isn’t prudent and sure as heck isn’t keeping our families and country safe.

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