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Not Good News!

      This is not good news!  Whether you own a gun or not, this is a violation of the Constitution, as is not being able to say things that might offend others, etc.  Our freedoms are quickly being taken away.  It is time to take a stand, draw a line, and say "No more!."

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Breaking: Gun Confiscations on Horizon in New York

Dear Conservative,
Just this weekend, State Police enforcing New York’s SAFE Act gun-control law raided a gun shop in Albion, NY and forced the owner to hand over his client list and all of their background check data. The reason? The store had sold 170 gun control compliant – and State Police approved – rifles and the government no longer wanted the guns to be legal!
The saying goes that firearm registration leads to confiscation. All throughout history, this has proven to be true. This is true whether it is in Soviet Russia, Communist China, or Socialist New York. When the State collects a list of gun owners, it is a matter of when, not if, the police are ordered to go knocking on doors to relieve citizens of their firearms...
Don’t be mistaken… This isn’t just a problem on the East and Left Coasts behind the gun-control iron curtain. This affects EVERY American regardless of where they live!
Before we dive into these coming gun confiscations, let’s take a step back and look at how this all started.
In New York State, the SAFE Act mandates that all “assault weapons” owned before the ban must be registered and that all “high capacity magazines” be forfeited, regardless of age. The law also mandates that all ammunition purchasers in the state first undergo a background check at each point of purchase, though this provision has yet to be implemented due to technological constraints.
The SAFE Act also provides a $500 reward for anyone who turns in a friend or neighbor for breaking the law. In New York, there is a monetary incentive to turn your neighbors in, even if they haven’t done anything else wrong. This is important; we’ll get back to this later!
Some estimates suggest that as many as 90% of New Yorkers have refused to register their now-banned rifles.
The reasons for this are many: defiance, ignorance, and forgetfulness are certainly possibilities. However, one reason for the low registration numbers is the rise of the NY Compliant AR-15 rifle. New York State bans AR-15s based on the number of evil-looking accessories that are attached to it. In the State of New York, pistol grips, bayonet lugs, flash hiders, and adjustable stocks are all prohibited on semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines. However, with the recent attempts at civilian disarmament came a rise of firearm ingenuity.
In theory, if you get rid of all the ‘evil features’ then the rifle would be legal. So that’s what gun makers did. The compliant rifles are ugly and awkward looking, but they prove the point that the number of banned features on a gun does not affect its lethality. A bullet will leave the barrel at 3000 feet/second regardless of whether the gun looks threatening or not! Unfortunately, State Police realized that as well…
This whole gun confiscation movement started, believe it or not, with a ridiculous domestic violence incident. On August 19th, the police were called to a housing complex on a domestic violence call. Trevor Cook, 23, of Medina, NY, was allegedly attacking his girlfriend with a gas-powered weed whacker. When the police showed up, Cook tried to distract the officers by pointing out that one of his neighbors owned an AR-15.
The ploy worked. The police left the weed-whacker assailant and went to investigate the lead. Within minutes, his neighbor, Brenden Morgan, was charged with criminal possession of a weapon in the 4th Degree. His crime? He bought a compliant rifle from a gun store and had modified it into an illegal configuration once he returned home.
The young man was arrested and police entered his weapon into evidence, but not before they asked Brenden Morgan where he purchased it. The State Police wanted to know where citizens were buying these guns so they could shut it down and know who to confiscate them from!
It took a little over a week for the State Police to follow up on the lead. But on August 28th, the Narcotics Unit of the New York State Police raided the Albion Gun Shop and threatened a full-on SWAT assault if the owner didn’t hand over customer files on everyone who bought one of these rifles.
The State Police don’t really have a statutory right to this data, nor do they have a real need for it. The 170 people who had their records seized didn’t commit any crimes. They didn’t hurt anyone and their rifles were legal under state law. Their only mistake was trying to operate within the law and now that the State Police have their hands on these client records, history suggests that firearm confiscations will soon follow!
These ridiculous laws do nothing to stop actual criminals hell-bent on doing harm. They simply don’t. All these laws accomplish is making gun ownership more difficult for average citizens. Because of this young man’s arrest, the State Police are rounding up all the data they can on residents who bought compliant AR-15s.
I would speculate as to the reason for these records seizures, but you and I both know why this is happening. In the coming days, weeks, and months, you can expect the New York State Police to making a number of house calls…
What is going on in New York is happening all across the country. There’s a reason that the state and federal governments are making a concerted push to gather records of gun owners: they are deathly afraid of us.
Well, they should be! Fearing the people is part of the equation for a just republican system of government!
The Department of Homeland Security’s Intelligence and Analysis Division has released a report and predicted a large uptick in anti-government violence, stemming from protesters’ victory at the Bundy Ranch this past spring. This has kicked federal and state governments’ gun control efforts into next gear with them trying to push as many new gun registration and disarmament schemes as possible.
The California legislature just passed a law that legalizes firearm confiscation and disarmament based on nothing but hearsay. Other states have proposed similar laws.
Billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates have donated $1 million in support of Washington’s gun registration ballot measure…
The ATF has announced a new proposed policy of recording any time an American buys more than one semi-automatic rifle at once… Multiple pistol purchases are already recorded.
And New York has taken its registration schemes one step further and actually moved towards confiscating civilians’ firearms!
Enough is enough! The founders wrote the phrase “shall not be infringed” into the constitution for a reason!
You need to demand that EVERY Member of Congress does what is necessary to protect Americans’ natural right to keep and bear arms! No government should ever be allowed to harass law-abiding citizens!
I can smell a revolution coming,
Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

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