Wednesday, September 17, 2014

More Tomatoes

      I picked almost 3 five gallon buckets of tomatoes again today.  I also threw many rotten ones to the chickens and there are still green ones on the vine so I would say we had a very successful tomato harvest this year.  Our running total is nearing 110 gallons!  Did you know there are 9.3+ gallons per
bushel?  It looks as if over 11 bushels of tomatoes have foud their way into several kitchens from Country Guy's garden!  It pleases him to know they didn't go to waste.
     My niece, Kaylan, and Mom came over to help me peel and seed those I picked today for pasta sauce.  When we were done we had 44 cups of tomatoes!  That is enough for a lot of pasta sauce, don't you think?

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