Tuesday, November 25, 2014

FLASHBACK: The Myth of Ferguson and the Gentle Giant by Ben Shapiro

Here is an excellent article on the truth about Michael Brown & what is happening in Ferguson if you can stand another news report.

It is absolutely infuriating to hear the lies being told!  Why are those who are breaking the law being given airtime?  What is the motive here?  I believe there is a plot to stir up unrest and division in this country and the news media is playing a major part in making it happen.  If the people of Ferguson want respect then they need to begin to act respectful.  If they don't want to be treated like trash then stop acting like trash!  If there is any steriotyping or racial profiling going on they certainly are not helping matters.  Looting and destroying innocent people's property, shooting guns, screaming and calling people names to honor a local thug who broke the law, had drugs in his system, attacked a policeman and was shot because the officer feared for his life is not helping their image!

I am furious every time I see the news.  This is an absolute tragedy--and I'm not talking about Michael Brown's death!  Why would anyone want to be a policeman?  But then maybe that's the plan.  If the police go on strike Obama can declare Marshall law and bring in his troops.  He will then control the country as has been his plan from the beginning.

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