Monday, November 17, 2014

Larry Kudlow Quote

      Here is a wise man reiterating what the Bible explains.  Marriage, which no matter how hard others try to change the definition, can only be defined as the union of one man and one woman for the purpose of procreating the earth.  It is the foundation of society.

Economist Larry Kudlow: "I worry that we are creating a permanent underclass of poverty. Broken homes and children that have only one parent are at the root of this poverty trap. And when I think of young people from broken families, barely existing economically, this is what I find myself telling them: Please go to school. ... Then get a job. ... And then get married. ... Learn the sacrifices and responsibilities and compromises -- and the happiness. And only then, have a kid. There’s nothing original about this thinking. I call it Kudlow 101. The trouble is, in our society, we are doing this backward. People don’t finish school. Don’t take a job. Don’t get married. But do have kids. Wrong order. Wrong formula. ... While restoring economic growth may be the great challenge of our time, this goal will never be realized until we restore marriage. In short, marriage is pro-growth. We can’t do without it."

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