Tuesday, November 18, 2014

From The Truth Revolt

I hope you are paying attention to what your children are being taught in school.  Many no longer have the best interest of parents and our country in mind when they choose the curriculum but instead are promoting their own agenda to change the way we think.  (i.e. man-made climate change, etc. etc.)

This is outrageous!  I also doubt this is the only school where it's happening.  These just happened to be vigilant parents who did not want their children taught Islam--especially since they are Christian.

One thing I find impossible to understand is how those who do this--try to indoctrinate our children--are so quick to stop anything they don't agree with.  How can they be so intolerant when they expect tolerance of what they believe?  The whole world is a mess!  Things are totally upside down.  Jesus was filled with love for others, taught that we are to be, also, and is rejected.  Mohammed who preached 'kill the infidel' is gaining popularity.  How foolish!  How tragic!

CA School Teaching Islamic Faith to Middle Schoolers

"All people must submit to Allah."

Trey Sanchez 

The parents of a Manhattan Beach, California middle schooler are upset that their son is being taught the faith of Islam in school, according to a KTLA 5 report.
"The audacity of this school to think they can sit these children down and teach them whatever religion they please -- it's preposterous," the unidentified father said. "This is illegal, basically. You can't teach religion in schools anymore, but apparently, in this particular school at least, that's not the case."
The report states that the parents are not opposed to their child learning the history of any religion, but do object to learning the specific tenets of the faith.
Looking at their son's handout on Islam, the father described a question that asked, "What are some of the teachings of the Quran?:"
What I saw written in these bubbles was, 'The one true God, Allah.' One of the other bubbles was, 'All people must submit to Allah.' Now turn the page over, and I see 'The Five Pillars of Islam.' Shahada [Pillar I] is the testimony of a faithful Muslim that Allah is the one true God. 
"It shouldn't be presented to them," the mother said. "They shouldn't be asked to know this."
The mother pointed to a section that asked the student to write down Islam's "Declaration of Faith" on the provided lines. She wondered if that would be required if the faith were Christianity. "And if it ended with the declaration of faith, 'Jesus Christ is my personal Lord and Savior,' that's the equivalent," she said.
The father added, "Can you imagine the outcry all over this country if children were bringing home paperwork that asked them to write down John 3:16, or asked them to write down The 10 Commandments?"
The parents, who are Christians, said they would not have a problem with their son answering questions about Jesus, but understand that other parents may have a problem with that. "We're reasonable people, we understand that doesn't belong in a public school," the mother said.
The report states that the parents met with the principal, but because nothing has changed, they have pulled their son from the class. KTLA said the school did not respond to a statement request. 

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