Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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Listen to Faithful Muslims, They Mean What They Say

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 |  Tsvi Sadan
Europe, and now America, turns its wrath against Israel, believing the Jewish state to be the main instigator of Middle East unrest and, as Secretary John Kerry suggested, the reasons behind the rise of radical Islam and the Islamic State.
If Israel would only accept the two-state solution, and if the Jews would only stop entering the Temple Mount, these world leaders reason that the Palestinians would give up their dream of returning to Haifa and Ashkelon, multiculturalism would flourish in Europe, human rights would be upheld and religions would coexist peacefully.
This hope, however, is baseless; nothing more than a pipe dream stemming from an arrogance that believes in the superiority of secular Western values, which include not only democracy and minority rights, but also ideas like contempt of religion, in particular the Christian faith.
One would think that the rise of the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) would have convinced the Europeans and Obama that Israel is merely the first target in a campaign that will eventually lead to "Rome." The last issue of Dabiq, the Islamic State magazine, made accessible to all through its English edition, makes this goal abundantly clear.
Anyone who takes this message seriously, instead of blindly hoping that the Islamists will come to their senses, must understand that unless something is done, Europe, which has already abandoned its own religion, could face the same fate as the Yazidis of Iraq.
In an article entitled "The Revival of Slavery," the Islamic State actually takes pride in being able to fulfill "The Sword Verse," which commands Muslims to "kill the idolaters wherever you find them, and capture them, and besiege them." From a Muslim point of view, the enslavement of many Yazidi families is a sensible and commendable way of serving Allah. Indeed, they are taking pride in not separating enslaved women from their children. How noble.
The same issue of Dabiq also cited the September speech of Islamic State spokesman Mohammad al-Adnani, who brashly warned the "crusaders" (America and Europe) thus: "We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women … so mobilize your forces, O crusaders … roar with thunder, threaten whom you want, plot, arm your troops, prepare yourselves, strike, kill, and destroy us. This will not avail you. You will be defeated … for our Lord … has promised our victory and your defeat."
In the Islamic State’s view of the world, Israel is merely a Roman military outpost that must be taken before marching on Europe. For this reason, Israel is far from being the focus of this magazine, which is all about waging an apocalyptic war against America and Europe.
In fact, one might be disappointed to discover that the latest issue of Dabiq doesn’t mention at all the Palestinians or the summer’s Gaza war, which dominated headlines in the rest of the world.
Dabiq, at least, is honest enough to acknowledge, if not indirectly, that Israel is not the cause of the conflict in the Middle East. Likewise, nowhere does Dabiq suggest that the end of the Jewish state is the ultimate goal of Islam. Europe and Obama may try to deflect Islamic vengefulness away from them by blaming Israel for everything, but, unfortunately for them, the Muslim faithful won’t be deterred by this PR spin.

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