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Dutch Sheets: The Fullness of a New Season...

      I am ready for an encouraging word, aren't you?  Since our country seems to 'be going to hell in a hand basket' as the saying goes, it is very good to hear that God isn't finished with us yet!  Just reading the first paragraph of this word from Dutch Sheets caused me to be uplifted!

My Dream: A New Level of Apostolic Grace
When I tune into the news, I have never been more concerned about where we are as a nation. When I tune into the Holy Spirit, however, I have never been more encouraged! In fact, I am more hopeful for righteous change today than I have been in the past 25 years! This past November, the Lord gave me one of the most vivid dreams I've ever received. Based on what Holy Spirit spoke to me, I am thoroughly convinced thatwe are now crossing over into the fullness of a new season.

In this dream, I was speaking to an apostolic friend when I began to hear and repeat to him a word from the Lord. In a very slow and calculated manner, making sure to speak precisely what I was hearing the Lord say, I spoke these words:

"There is a new level of apostolic grace being distributed that will take the gifting to a new measure spiritually and physically."

Both in the dream and upon waking, my attention was especially drawn to the last two words of this statement, "...and physically."

I believe the Lord is saying through this dream, that we are about to see the Kingdom of God come to earth in a more tangible way. The Church is about to see a physical manifestation of that which we have warred for in the spirit, and a fulfillment of things promised in times past. And we'll see results from our prayers much more quickly; rather than believing change will result in the future, we will see quick, tangible evidence of transformation. More than just believing for souls to be saved, we will experience multitudes coming to Christ. Spiritual gifts will not only be asked for, but we will see signs, wonders and miracles as a manifestation of the gifts. 

This new level of apostolic grace will translate apostolic authority into apostolic power and action Kingdom works that will bring real, physical, literal change in the earth. Acts 4:33 speaks of an abundant grace that was upon the early apostles as they witnessed of Jesus, and great signs, wonders and power were being released through them.

There is also a window of divine grace being offered to the apostolic Church today—the greatest window of opportunity we have seen in our lifetimes—for extending Kingdom authority and life into the earth. We are coming into a full release of divine strategies and the power necessary for a thriving implementation of those heavenly blueprints.

Many leaders in the Church think we have been walking in the fullness of our anointing and what our spiritual calling represents. I believe, however, that we have actually been primarily in preparation for this fullness.

The past several years were a season in which the Lord was refining our gifts and preparing us for this new dimension of grace. He has worked in our hearts, released much revelation, and created many important connections. He is now inviting us to step into the fullness of what this preparation was meant to produce. What He's been working in us, He now wants to release through us.
The Window of Opportunity
When God says He is releasing grace, it is important to understand that grace does not mean only undeserved favor. Grace is also the release of supernatural ability, an ability to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask, think or imagine (see Ephesians 3:20).

In 2 Corinthians 9:8, the Apostle Paul says, "And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed." This is the kind of grace the Lord is releasing over us in this season! A grace that produces "all sufficiency"; an abundance!

As we move into this season, the next six months are very significant, so much so that the decisions we make will in some ways define the rest of our lives. In this kairos season, it is important that we position ourselves rightly for this outpouring of grace, seeking God very diligently. If we do so, there will be a remantling, redefining and revitalizing, propelling us into our future.
We stand at a hinge of history!

The window of opportunity is open, and there is an abounding grace available. The Lord is inviting us to come into agreement with this decree He is releasing. For those who do, there will be evidence of His power in ways we've never experienced. Believe it, tap into it, and join the apostolic company God is raising up throughout the earth!

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