Saturday, May 30, 2015

Annoying & Destructive: Raccoons

      Raccoons are such destructive, irritating animals!  If you live in the country you are very familiar with the destruction they can cause--mostly at night because coons are usually nocturnal animals. They seem to get into anything and everything.  They dig up my newly planted flowers.  They eat the cat's food and even carry their bowls away--especially if they are shiny metal.  If they can get into a barn they will tear feed bags open and overturn buckets.  It looks like a disaster area when they leave.  If possible, they climb onto bird feeders.  Many of the plants I have planted near the feeders have been smashed as the coons fall on them in their attempt to get past the squirrel baffle attached to the pole of our main feeder.
      This aggressive and determined coon broke the baffle in two, climbed the pole, and was eating bird seed in broad daylight.  So annoying!


Anonymous said...

....and made off like a bandit! It must be why God placed a permanent mask on these creatures of habit.

Country Girl said...

Great observation! I think you're right.