Monday, May 4, 2015

Frank Laubach Meditation for May 4

Another meditation (Tuesday, May 4, 1937) from Frank Laubach's Learning the Vocabulary of God:

1 Thessalonians 1                                                                                          Zanzibar

GOD, the laboratory of each day's experience teaches two lessons and proves them valid.  First, when a man is speaking with me, pouring out his long story, he as opened his mind to me, he is tuned in; and while I listen I can be sending back to his mind my silent prayers for God to enter.  All over the world are people anxious to talk to us.  Let them tell it and call it God's opportunity.  Second, I am like an oarsman rowing against the current.  My will-pressure must be gentle but constant, to listen to God, to pray for others incessantly, to look at people as souls and not as clothes, or bodies, or even minds.  The moment the pressure on the oar ceases, I drift, and downward. . ."Let go and let God" does not fit my experience; "take hold and keep hold of God" is what it feels like to me.  There is a will-act, and I can feel the spiritual muscles growing from rowing!

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