Saturday, May 16, 2015

What a Busy Time!

We had a Binga fundraiser for Heritage Days last Saturday night, Mother's Day Brunch which my sister who came from AZ especially to help Mom celebrate, organized then out of town guests arrived on Monday and a Texas Roadhouse 10% fundraiser on Tues. while they were here.  In the meantime Dahnke's started work on the path to the Amphitheater using the engraved bricks that were donated to help pay for it.  We are going to make a garden of flowers and shrubs around it and want to finish it in time for Heritage Days (June 12-14) so on Wednesday after our guests left, Sue (one of our garden committee members) and I laid out the edge of the garden with a garden hose to see how large to make the garden.  We want it to be a beautiful attraction but also manageable since there aren't many on the committee to care for it.

Thursday I decided I might as well work on the 3 gardens we had planted in the fall.  They were beautiful this spring--filled with tulips and daffodils, and the daylilies which were coming up--but they needed something to keep them beautiful through the summer.  I re-edged them all and then planted 9 more Knock-out rose bushes to fill in (we already had 3).  After placing them and moving several of the volunteer iris and peonies which were growing there when we made the beds and were now coming up between some of the daylilies given to us last year from the 5 Acre Daylily Farm, I went to the local garden store and bought a bunch of annuals--mainly Wave petunias to add more color.  When I got them all planted Yvonne Dahnke delivered a truck load of mulch.  Country Guy came in to help me and now the gardens look beautiful again!  Of course, they will be even more beautiful when the new plants are established and the tulip and daffodil leaves die back.

Yesterday Norma & I spent the day putting up posters for Heritage Days & the Martinsville Fair.  We went as far as Villa Grove & Tuscola--over 50 miles away.  One reason we went to that area is because the Heritage Days Horse Show was held in Brocton for almost 30 years.  We wanted to inform everyone who might  be interested that we are carrying on their tradition.

Randy Dyer, the chuck wagon guy, is coming through M'ville today and asked me to meet him to see the chuck wagon and to talk about where he could set up to cook an authentic chuck wagon meal for the crowd on Saturday night during the Country Music Concert at the Festival.

Next week is our second grandson's high school graduation so our daughter and family are coming for that, as well as our daughter-in-law's family who have been our good friends for over 40 years.  They will be staying in Marshall with Doug & Amy, but we will want to spend as much time with them as possible.

As I said this is a very busy time and I'm loving all of it!

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