Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dan Smith

     Here is one remarkable man--Dan Smith.  Even though he is in the midst of battling pancreatic cancer he took the time to install the donor plaque on the new Linn Park Amphitheater.  Isn't it beautiful?

     Dan is an inspiration to hundreds as he shares his adventure in healing with his Facebook friends.  He has many people praying for him and carries a list of all the churches (over 100 the last I heard) whose prayer chain he is on.  
    The doctor told him yesterday he has handled the aggressive chemotherapy they are giving him better than anyone in his 13 years' experience.  Of course, Dan gives all the credit to the Lord Jesus who is hearing and answering prayers.
       If you would like to read his meditations go to his Facebook page and ask to be his friend.  He loves sharing with others.

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