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A Word From Johnny Enlow

Another good word posted on the Elijah List today from Johnny Enlow.

An Audacious Wineskin
As I was seeking the Lord about the increased earthquake activity, particularly in the Pacific Ring of Fire, and the sudden record rain storms in Texas and other places, I heard the Lord say, "The new wineskin is here and its name is Audacious."

Scripture tells us that it's imperative to find a new wineskin before the new wine comes in order to ensure that the new wine is not wasted. Another major upgrade of Kingdom wine is about to be poured out and it's critical that we shift out of mentalities based in caution, fear, or passivity and into a way of thinking that will carry the new anointing we need in order to be world-changers. The new wine that's coming is a powerful upgrade from what has previously been poured out and will bring a greater level of transformation and reformation of society than ever before.
The Lord then began to further explain what it means to be or carry an "audacious wineskin." God has been sifting and shifting many of His leaders so that they are no longer striving and driven. He's been emphasizing the words wisdomand rest for these leaders. However, wisdom and rest doesn't mean passivity and caution, but rather becomes that which allows us to shift into a new radical normal(Photo via Pixabay)

Matthew 11:12 speaks of the Kingdom of God "suffering violence" and "the violent taking it by force." The Lord began to show me that very intense days are before us, but it will be a good intensity that's evidence that kingdoms are clashing. The Kingdom of God is forcefully advancing on the earth right now, and the repercussions of that are this: If you don't know how to spiritually perceive, you can incorrectly deduce that the opposite is taking place. You can wrongly perceive the collapsing of a demonic structure as "the world falling apart." The best, and perhaps the only way, to stay in a state of spiritual clarity is by stepping into the new audacious wineskin.
Audacious Defined
I found the following definitions for the word audacious,"showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks, recklessly brave, very bold and surprising or shocking, extremely original, without restriction to prior ideas, highly inventive." These are all worth thoroughly examining. The Holy Spirit will be encouraging an audacity in each of us in the months leading up to Rosh Hashanah, and it's important that we respond.

I believe I was shown that one of the main reasons for the delay in ISIS being dealt with is that this demonically-inspired movement has raised the bar in intensity for something we must, at minimum, match with a proper Kingdom response. At some point, every time we read of another ISIS attack, instead of it wreaking fear and anxiety in us – something at least as intense in the spirit should arise in us that declares an end to that darkness.

We should feel an arising in us that snuffs out that kind of demonic activity. ISIS is symbolic of so many other things that also require a Kingdom audaciousness. Something needs to rise in us that beheads fear, hopelessness, anxiety, and passivity.The Kingdom age is upon us at full throttle, and we must make the shift into a new wineskin.
Outrageous, Courageous and Even Presumptuous
In addition to making us audacious, I believe God is also giving us permission to become outrageous, courageous, and even presumptuous.
Outrageous is defined as "highly unusual or unconventional, extravagant and remarkable, very bold, unusual and startling." God is preparing us for an unprecedented season of Kingdom expansion. You must fear NOTHING and become outrageous in the demonstration of who He uniquely made you to be.
Courageous is defined as "brave, fearless, valiant, heroic, lionhearted, unshrinking, venturesome." This is Kingdom DNA He wants activated in us to a whole new level. I sensed from the Lord that even the niche of the Body of Christ that we represent has become much too placid and reticent and dominated by surprising levels of fear. The prophetic edge has a unique call and assignment to be the most audacious, courageous, and outrageous – but many have been blunted by the enemy's assault in recent years where he specifically targeted prophetic- and apostolic-minded people.(Photo via Pixabay)

Presumptuous is a word that's generally viewed negatively. It means "showing a lack of proper social reserve or modesty." This can sound extreme, but it's that which King David exhibited when he danced before the Lord intensely, until his clothes came off. Saul's daughter Michal, judged him as "lacking proper social reserve or modesty" and, by doing so, she shut off fruitfulness from her own life.

Furthermore, I sensed the Lord speaking to me that He was ready to work with some of His kids who "presumed" upon Him. These would be those that would "presume" He is for them and not against them – those that would "presume" He wants to advance them in their call and destiny. He said those that enter into this kind of presumptuousness would step into doing mighty exploits that would short-circuit the enemy all over the place, while advancing the Kingdom.
The Coming Economic Changes and How to Prepare: Don't Hoard
I believe I've been shown that the archangel over the Mountain of Economy is being activated in a special way this Rosh Hashanah – and that's no small deal. This will be an initiative of our Father as He responds to the prayers of so many of His kids over the course of many years. Because of that, we shouldn't dread or be apprehensive about what we've been asking for.

For instance, the recent news headlines regarding some of the world's most influential banks receiving billions of dollars in fines for fraudulent currency trading, as well as other financial misdeeds, is actually a good thing. Greater accountability is coming to world economic manipulators, and we will see that increase in the coming year. Exposure is another preliminary stage before new systems and structures can be instituted.

The Lord also showed me that one of the key ways to prepare for the coming economic upheavals was to make sure we don't hoard or have a hoarding mentality. We must not revert to an orphan mentality, as if we have to figure out everything on our own or how to protect ourselves financially. Sons and daughters trust in their God, and it's that mentality that will carry us through the coming bumps in the road. His counterintuitive instruction to us is to become even more radical givers and investors.

We must become more carefree about the economy and its potential to devastate. The key is not in pulling out of the stock market, nor is it in loading up in gold or silver. Ultimately, there's no hedge, other than absolute trust in God matched with audacious, outrageous, courageous, and even presumptuous generosity and boldness. (Photo via Pixabay)

The righteous are bold as lions, and in this shifting season – this will be your greatest hedge against economic calamity. Fear nothing else – only obey audaciously and do not hoard. If you're not sure if you're actually hoarding, then just ask the Holy Spirit and He will tell you. He is wanting all of us to grow in our Most High Trust Account, because it's the only account that brings with it peace of mind. No one who believes they have a Joseph call can enter into that call without investing significantly in their Most High Trust Account. The coming Josephs will be channels of resources more than dams of resources. Dams hoard, but channels freely and easily dispense and disperse funds.

So, may the audacious, outrageous, courageous, and even presumptuous sons and daughters of the King of kings now begin to break off every shackle of fear, caution, or gloomy-mindedness and may they arise and shine with the out-of-the-box magnificence, generosity, and creativity of the King they represent.

Johnny Enlow
Johnny and Elizabeth


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A very impacting read from a hard angle. The next blood moon is coming upon us and the knowledge to glean from this article we better all 'take it to the bank'.