Thursday, June 18, 2015


It has been a hectic week but we are now at the airport after getting our house sitter settled in, feeding the animals, finishing packing, and driving to Indianapolis. We are headed for Paris, France where we will join a two week Rick Steves' Best of Europe Tour.  Our oldest son, his wife and daughter are going with us.  We took their boys on a similar tour two years ago when Daniel graduated from high school. It was our plan to take all the grandkids when they were in high school but one of the younger ones thought we might be too old by the time he was ready.  It seemed a good idea to speed up the process and include the parents since they had never been to Europe either, so we can share the fun with all of them eventually.

I hope to post updates with pictures to keep those who are staying home informed about our trip, so check back soon if you're interested or in a couple of weeks after we return for other postings. 

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