Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday's Report

We arrived in Munich yesterday & checked into King's Hotel which is close to the center of Munich but more modern than most Rick Steves' hotels.  Rolinka, our guide, led us on a short walk thru the center and then we went for dinner as a group.  After coming from quiet, peaceful Switzerland, Munich was a shock!!  So loud!! So many people!! So much traffic!! So many bicycles to watch out for!! But after getting used to it we enjoyed today visiting downtown with a local guide, then to the summer palace of Bavarian kings,  We then decided to visit Dachau Concentration Camp.  The 5 of us and another person from our group took the train and the bus to reach it.  We had to ask for a little  help to make certain we were on the right train.  It turns out we were OK but would need to switch to another one at the next stop.  The young lady we asked voluntarily exited the train at that stop and made sure we caught the right one.  Then just as we were arriving at Dachau a man asked if that was where we were going and told us what bus we needed and where to go to catch it.  Our guardian angels have been watching over us and the Lord has directed our path so many times!  A fun adventure!  The camp was sobering.  Many of the descriptions of how it began were warnings to us of how we seem to be heading in our country.

We took the bus & train back to the station walked to our hotel, asked the clerk for advice for dinner and walked to the Augustiner which turned out to be a beer garden in addition to serving good food.  We ate outside with about 1000 other people--most of whom were drinking 1 liter glasses of beer at a time.  We walked back to the train station for  pastry from one of the shops there and arrived back at the hotel to pack for our trip to Venice tomorrow.  We walked nearly 7 miles today so that brings us up to over 40 for the trip so far.  It has all been fun and interesting.

I am excited for the kids to see Venice tomorrow.  It is always so impressive to us land-locked foreigners!

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