Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Nice Break But Time to Get Back to Work.

     We just returned from an inspiring and restful week at a beautiful retreat center in Titusville, Florida, owned by the Park Avenue Baptist Church.  Jack Taylor, Peter Lord and Charles Carrin shared their wisdom and walk with the Lord as we got to know people from all over the U.S.
    The afternoons were free so we had time for long walks on the beach.  Canaveral National Seashore was only 15 minutes away but was so secluded we felt as if the whole beach belonged to us--until we came upon nude bathers.  That was a bit of a shock!  I had no idea nude bathing was allowed on U.S. beaches.  We didn't let it spoil our fun though.  It seemed to us they were the ones who should be embarrassed, not us, so we continued on our walk.  Below is a photo of the beautiful seashore and below that is a photo of the weather we returned to.  Quite a contrast, but both beautiful.

       Now it's time to get back to work.  I have no idea how I'm going to get everything done for Christmas right now, but it seems to always happen, so I will try not to stress about it.  Every year, I make the resolution to do less and enjoy Christmas more, but it never seems to work that way.  
     To me it seems rather pointless to drag out all the decorations for only a few weeks of enjoyment. We always seem to be in such a flurry of activity that I wouldn't call it 'enjoying' anyway, but since all our family will be here for Christmas and one of our granddaughters asked if I would get a huge tree and let her help me decorate, how can I resist?  Hopefully, the memories we will be making will outweigh the effort it takes to make them.  :o)
     Do you enjoy the preparations of Christmas, or are you like me and wish we could skip the fuss and relax?

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