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Be Encouraged!

Johnny Enlow again speaks words of encouragement for the month of November and on in this article originally posted on The Elijah List.

We are entering a most remarkable month as we follow a pattern I spoke about in my Rosh Hashanah Word for 2015. As you will remember entering into September and October, there was a prevalent foreboding that many were under, induced by a wide range of "prophetic" perspectives. Out of these perspectives came many, very negative projections based on reading the "blood moons", "Shemitah", and other supposed unchangeable patterns.
There were "doom dates" of September 13, 14, 24, as well as October in general. The Stock Market would crash to 6000. An asteroid would strike us. Sudden surprise nuclear wars and massive tsunamis were in the "prophetic" mix, along with "martial law in America" and too many other doomsday scenarios to list. I never stopped to study them, but was just inundated with them, generally in response to my prophetic perspectives that said these things were NOT going to happen. I was told by many I was going "out on a limb" by saying none of these things would take place, when so many others were saying the opposite.
In my Rosh Hashanah message I laid out the prophetic track for September to December. I had a parabolic comparison with the four sequential victories David had over the lion, the bear, Goliath, and lastly the Philistines. We are right on track with what I shared, which is why I want to encourage you to be excited about November.
I said October would be the month "the bear gets tamed," and I said that spoke of the Stock Market, but also the next step of not being pushed around by fear (it just hit me that this is what we've been hit with: a plague of fear). The Bear Market was tamed during October, as it was necessary that no fear be given an outlet during the month that the panickers were looking for opportunities to panic. (Photo via Pixabay)
Now we are in a November to Remember! Let's get excited!
November: A Time to Risk and Beheading Goliath with His Own Sword
The atmosphere is shifting and changing so much that we are now being enabled to behead our personal "Goliaths". There have been many who have been as the children of Israel were during the 40 days of Goliath's taunts and "prophetic declarations" that froze the nation. Perhaps you had chosen to "hide and whine" instead of "arise and shine". Maybe you added "hoarding" to that mix because you were instructed that this is how you prepare for "what is coming".
Instead, there is a reality that's available now for you to take out Goliath with his own sword.As David did, you must run towards him fearlessly and risk it all. When David went after Goliath he risked his whole future and life itself, should his assumption of a God with a different narrative not pan out. Now is the time for all who have hoarded or pulled back or speculated in fear to fully break the grip of the wrong prophetic narrative. Do it like David did. Chase down the tap root of fear itself(Photo via flickr)
I will say that over the last two months I have heard of more significant financial and career breakthroughs than I have over any two-month period. There are sons and daughters of the King who have broken out into multi-million (and more) breakthroughs because they didn't freeze in fear; but in the face of adverse winds of doom they proceeded forward. It is unlike anything I have ever seen. Many who have been waiting for breakthrough for years and years suddenly found it, ironically (or not) in the months the sky was supposed to fall.
Fear will cost you some serious Kingdom ground, BUT a great recovery is available if you will throw all Goliath-inspired caution to the wind and go after Kingdom destiny. Without faith it is impossible to please God! Whatever steps of "caution" (translated to FEAR) that you took in order to not need faith, you now want to reverse in order to get back your Kingdom edge. Face your fear. Take it out with its own sword.
Great help from Heaven is being sent on our behalf in November, in order to make it a November to Remember. Unavoidable relational and financial advancements are commanded for us in November. However none of it will happen if we don't shut Goliath's mouth of access into our lives.Identify the fear source and cut it out of your spiritual diet.
Great winds of wealth and winds of wonder (from my prophetic word of the year for 2015: Four Winds of W) are blowing right now and will be increasing in November and December. Your sail will not be up to catch them if you are in fear. GET IN FAITH AND DO SOME RISKING. Sow into Kingdom advancement. Your best returns will come from investments of faith you make in November, as well as in December.
A Wonderful and Wonder-filled Thanksgiving
Very key in this "November to Remember" will be a remarkable Thanksgiving. We have just broken out of a 14-year cycle of trial and refinement and you will feel it this Thanksgiving. There has been a release of a wonder-filled "wind of reconciliation" and connecting for family and friends. Expect a sweet time together as you hoist your sail and yield to that wind. Relational estrangements from many years are going to be repaired, and one of the first signs of this is when you will hear from family members wanting to connect, who haven't wanted to connect in a long time.
This Thanksgiving and this Christmas will be an amazing healing time for families and you only have to yield to it. Solid family relationships will go to yet another level of love and closeness as great bonding will take place. Many significant physical healings will also happen as families take the time to pray over each other. Jehovah-Rapha (the Lord who heals) will be visiting our homes this Holiday Season and amazing testimonies will come from it. Much healing and even new important relational connections will happen this whole November, but especially around Thanksgiving.
From November 11 on watch for business, career and relational situations that seem to be dead and see them come alive again. If you have been seeing a lot of 1111, you should be particularly encouraged that God wants to do this for you. John 11:11 has the Lord saying that Lazarus is not dead but only sleeping. Many things that seem dead will prove to have been only sleeping. I expect to hear significant testimonies of this reality.
So finally, do your part in making November memorable by executing fear and by lifting your sails of hope and faith. Whatever you look for you find, so make sure to be looking for the amazing things your Papa has destined for you this November. He is eager to show to all that He is still the Psalm 23 Lord, who is on duty as our Shepherd, and we lack nothing because of it.
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