Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Very Busy Time!

        Has this been the busiest time in your life for you, also?  I feel as if I get one thing done and several more are called to my attention.  Some friends from Alabama were here all last week deer hunting so, of course I wanted to do some extra cooking.  But I also had meetings, a doctor's appointment, spending a day with a friend whose mother died, attending a horse plowing exhibition so that I could see what the organizer was planning for Heritage Days, and spending time on the Internet searching for lettering for the entrance to Linn Park.  Then we had symphony tickets last night.  I called several people to see if they wanted to go with us but everyone was already busy!  What a world!
      I like to be busy and have lots of new experiences but this is ridiculous!  The main problem is--how do I slow down?  What can I eliminate?  It seems the only things I can cut out are the fun things and only doing the "have to's" leads to a very dreary life!
      If you have any suggestions, or words of wisdom, I would be glad to hear them.
      In the meantime, I guess I will take each day as it comes and hope there is a break in the activities soon.  This is probably a test.  The Lord is asking, will I give thanks in all things, or will I grumble?  I guess you noticed my first inclination.  I obviously need more practice.  :o)

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