Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal


  I don't enjoy using my blog for political means, but this woman is a threat to our country.  We who have any exposure on the Internet need to be getting the truth out about her because the mainstream media won't.  Hilary Clinton is a criminal who should be in jail.  If any of us had done even one of the things she has been involved with we would be.
     Yet over 40% of the American voters say they will vote for her!  How shocking!  On the chance that they have not known or have forgotten the scandals she has been involved with I am posting this video.  And for those of us who already know, I'm posting it so we can share it with others.  We must stop this.  It is not a Democrat vs Republican thing.  This is an evil, power hungry, godless person who has intimidated everyone who doesn't agree with her so that she can rule those of us she finds inferior.  She believes she is above the law.  I pray someone is brave enough and has enough influence to show her she isn't.  Let's help them by getting the word out.

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